See Albion With a Different Perspective

First i have to say congrats to developers of this very interesting game concept. I have followed Albions progression for a while and it definetly looks like a game i want to play and i also surely will. Still some things concerns me little a bit, so here comes few notifications i have made and these are based on my own opinion. Some of these things are surely posted before, but i hope theres something new also.

1. PvP and PvE. Now this game feels like much more PvP oriented. It is a good thing to remember that there is three types of players. Those who like only PvP, those who like only PvE and those who like them both combined Albion Online Silver. So it is important to please them all if you want to keep as many players as possible with the game. So my concern is PvE players, because their world seems to be quite limited. Also lack of later game content is something that is really in peoples minds. So what i am saying is that some of the people will stop playing at the point when they are forced to go PvP areas (and this comes pretty quickly). Also full PvP loot is a very scary thing which can fear players to use their best gear. I like both PvP and PvE so this is not a whine, i just try to be as objective as possible. Surely that full PvP loot scares me a little bit. 😉 But if this all is developers awere choise, i think we just have to respect that.

See Albion With a Different Perspective

2. Making things difficult to players. This is something game developers need really to think through. It is nice to have ideas about seperate banks and making traveling harder, just doing so to make it more realistic. Now think this about players point of view. Making players life in game hard makes them also frustrated and somepoint they might quit playing and you (developers) dont want that. Players dont want to use hours just to just travel, no they want to play. I dont say you have to make everything easy, but when i watched a video where player runs 4 hours to get his island from city, it just makes no sense. Players have also a real life (most of them), so they dont have time to waste things like that. So making players gaming experience frustrated makes them surely quit.

3. Something new. Albion have lots of great own ideas and you have found a way to combine great things from different games. Still theres some totally wear out things, specially in mage skills. Fire, frost and albion online gold for sale. Come on! Straight from WoW and surely from somewhere else too. I have wondered why always have to use those same elements. Theres also water, air and earth to use or just think something new or less used.

I tried to be as objective as i could and give some notifications from players point of view. Some people agree with me, but surely there are people who dont, but i think thats the idea of suggestions..