Blade & Soul (KR): New Class Skills and Balances

Blade & Soul (KR): New Class Skills and Balances

The Korean Version of Bade & Soul will soon recieve an update that balances and nerfs certain classes. To some these updates to the skills will be a good thing and to others they will think their class is still broken and needs to be fixed. They are also adding a couple new skills per class. What do you think about these upcoming updates?~

New Skills













Blade and Soul: A day in the life of Endgame grind

Focus and purpose are hard things to do in a game. You’re supposed to be having fun. So when it comes to end game in any game. It goes without saying usually it’s not fun. I just put together a few things I do. Some of it is tedious at first, but if you do it faithfully. It has long term lasting effects on your level of enjoyment.

Blade and Soul: Is the bot situation dampening your fun

While playing last night I watched region chat. And people were voicing a lot of anger towards bots. I usually don’t pay attention to those chats. It’s usually just trolling and whining. This time I decided to watch. They seem to have a point, then I went into world pvp. And witnessed a completely bot side of pvp. That’s when I said whoa we need to talk about this.

The 100-Floor Infinite Tower in Blade & Soul

Compared with the Mushin’s Tower, the Infinite Tower in Blade & Soul is 1v1 battle with unique rules and mechanics, and it has 100 floors. The Chinese server will first open the door to the tower later this month and welcome the bravest challengers. You can expect to play this content in the western version in the future.

Each floor you’ll duel an NPC represents a particular class in the game, and it’ll test your knowledge and experience against each type of opponent.

You don’t go into fight unprepared, as you can choose an addition control skill before each fight. Making good use it will increase your chance to prevail.

Infinite Tower

It’s a long way to climb to the 100th floor but there’s a special rule: if you defeat an opponent in very short time, you may be able to skip some of the following floors as a reward. Of course there’s a leaderboard showing the best fighters in the towe