Do that crafting or pay 4-6g in Blade And Soul

Do that crafting or pay 4-6g EACH on the Market by the insurmountable possible bots that mass farm these things every day and players selling them in the mix. But anyways the worst part about it is it being time gated, you’d be much better off making 4 free accounts and making 5-8 different chars and craft the same thing of one type if you want a lot of something like 5-7 moonwater pickaxes for instance,
and then just log in and out and switch to all your chars and queue them up for 20 hours to farm this one white cedar sap to wait another 12 hours to make a moonwater pickaxe that only works once to mine 1 mineral node and then breaks which yields you anywhere from 1-6 moonwater quartz. (Hold those pickaxes for huge mineral piles they’ll give you 3-6 quartz).

Which is really stupid.
Why stupid? Think about all the botters in the game, what do you think is going on there? This time-gated system not only hinders legit players it BENEFITS bots by a billion, shuns new players to not even bother with it as the game develops and makes the system altogether worthless.

Do that crafting or pay 4-6g in Blade And Soul

NCSoft claimed there were over 2 million players active in Blade And Soul at some point. I told myself no freaking way. If I could rank 2000 something in my Force Master class in PvP(and I freaking suck, hate the PvP and am a PvE-oriented player) that means the other 1.9 some odd million players are pure trash. THERE’S NO WAY I would never believe I’m in the top 1 percentile as I know I’m not that good and admittedly so know my own faults of non-commitment to the competitive scene within BnS. I would gauge myself in anywhere in the 150k-200k rank or unranked crap since I don’t play it competitively in any sense.

But no here I am halfassing PvP arena and my class rank is like 2011 and all time ranking 18,908 with people telling me how to play the class when I don’t even care how to play my class. I only did PvP to get Soulstones so I can progress in PvE faster than at a snail’s pace.


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