New Class in Blade&Soul – the Gun-Fu Master

This article is purely satirical and it is based on a joke that has been going around in forums and ingame discussions.

Gun-Fu Master

As you may know, during some quests you are given a rifle and you are tasked with shooting down mobs. The joke lies on the rifle raw power which is ridiculously high compared to the actual classes’ skills and abilities.

Many players are weirded out by the fact that Ncsoft chose to make those weapons so damn powerful. That rifle is so freaking powerful that can one-shot most regular mobs in the game and probably take down some field bosses with a few more.

Gun-Fu Master

Some of the users’ comments about the “new” class:
That is pretty OP, in Poh you just need 2 shots per pirate. Hell the captains and lieutenants (mini bosses) only need 5 shots to get them down to 1/10th of their HP! Nerf plz
every time i use my gunner class, at meadows faction area, i can kill legendary users with 100k hp in just 2-3 shots without them getting near me. see how OP that gunner class?
Gunners can also use tranquilizers to daze opponents, it’s confirmed. I once used these to get the whiskers of a tiger without killing it first


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