First Western Blade & Soul Tournament to Kick Off at ESL On February 7th

Korean fantasy martial-arts MMO Blade & Soul is much more action-based than typical MMO and NCSoft is heavily supporting the PvP aspect with a large yearly tournament replete with cash prizes. This official annual world championship will open to west, before that we will see another Blade & Soul tournament at ESL on February 7th.


This Blade & Soul’s community 1on1 cups is under best of 3 single-elimination format. Everyone with level 15 or above can participate on the cup. The game uses a cross-server system, so anyone from any server can participate (on the cup corresponding to their region).


Blade & Soul Scheduled Content Updates in 2016

NCsoft’s martial art MMORPG Blade & Soul already launched on Jan 19 and the whole launch is fine expect the overloaded servers which NCsoft is working on expanding server capacity and adding new servers.

Blade & Soul Scheduled Content Updates in 2016

More specifically, the dev team is planning to add a series of events with the Mushin’s Tower coming first, which is a solo dungeon. Another dungeon they are planning to add focuses on the Bloodshade Harbor faction, with 6 players normal mode first and then adding the 4 player hard mode. Last they are adding a branching twenty four person instance called the Naryu Labyrinth which creates consequences for any path the players choose.

Blade & Soul Scheduled Content Updates in 2016

Later this year, Blade & Soul is going to have a new continent called the Silverfrost Mountains, which is also the first expansion and will bring level cap from 45 to 50. Also, the new class Warlock will be added too, later this year.

Blade & Soul Scheduled Content Updates in 2016

Above those content update, Blade & Soul is also going to explore the esport area. Players can compete in 1v1 or 3v3 mode. NCsoft did host a World Championship last year where Korea, China, Japan and Taiwan players got a chance to compete for a $40,000 prize pool. This year, NA and EU regions will be added in the event as well. Gea

You Can Download Blade & Soul’s Launch Client Now

NCsoft has released Blade & Soul‘s final launch client for players to download athough they won’t be able to play until at least January 15. You can find the  at the official site here. If you have purchased Founder’s Pack you can play the game at at 10am PST / 7pm CET, January 15 adead of other players. The rest of the players will be able to play at 12:01am EST, January 19.

Keep in mind that previous CBT client won’t work at launch and CBT participant must uninstall the old client and download the new client. The game has added new customization options, hairstyles, skintones and more for launch and you can learn more about that at the offical launch guide.

You can bookmark our guides to get a smooth start at launch.

Be sure to check out the video posted below for a glimpse at the new class in action.