Blade & Soul Online Tower of Mushin Destroyer Vs Final Boss

A very fun and challenging fight. Have to go all out or enrage!
I attack fast because of skill cancel animation.
It’s really hard to perform skill cancel animation with lag


Blade and Soul: Hongmen Ultimate Weapon Upgrading Guide

I’ve started playing on the Closed Beta server and I have a problem, I play a Lyn Blade Dancer and I have a Hongmoon Lynblade, and I need a Stalker Lynblade to be able to break trough, unfortunately every single weapon box didn’t have a Lynblade, I received a Stalker Sword but not a Lynblade and nothing in my inventory can be used to break trough to level 6, I used up all of my 17 Hongmoon Keys so I cannot open any more weapon boxes. Where do I get more of those?