Blade And Soul MMO Log Two: Grinding To A Halt

It’s been a little over three weeks since I started playing NCsoft’s martial arts MMO import, and my desire to reach the level cap has lessened considerably.

Things were going so well in my first Blade & Soul MMO log. I was enjoying combat. The questing is pretty linear (go to town A, complete all the quests, move to town B, repeat) but the storyline was interesting enough to propel me along. The free-to-play aspects of the game were a bit obnoxious but nothing I couldn’t ignore. Crafting looked complicated, but I used my top secret method to overcome that (not crafting at all). Plus I loved the movement system.

So what changed between now and then? Here’s a quick rundown of points I touch on in the video log.

  • Grouping with other people for dungeons becomes much more common when you start reaching higher levels (currently at 35), and it all feels so pointless. No one talks. There are no traditional roles (healer, tank, damage) so it’s all just a free-for-all. Were I playing with friends I might dig that. Instead I’m even more annoyed with other people than I already was.
  • Other people suck in Blade & Soul. There are some nice folks wandering about, but mostly I’ve run into kill-stealing arseholes. It’s escalated since the last log, to the point were instead of just taking whatever target you’re obviously running towards they will tag that one, then keep running and tag any others in the immediate vicinity. I’m really getting sick of them.
  • The Cross-Server Dungeon feature is speed and efficient. I’ve never waited for more than a few seconds to get a full group for any game dungeon. If only group dynamics were better, this would be wonderful.
  • Player versus player combat is actually a blast. Putting together combos against weak NPCs is one thing, but figuring out what another live player is doing and trying to counter it is a lot of fun. If I stick around much longer, PVP might be the reason.
  • I still love the game’s early content. When I’m tired of slogging through quests for small rewards on my main I hop onto an alt and burn through the starter quests again. Normally I despise that sort of repetition, but the classes here are diverse enough that they provide the variety the game lacks.

I think what I need to do here is let my Assassin, Back, rest for a bit. Maybe I’ll have more fun as another class approaching the level cap. I’m really enjoying my Conjurer. Maybe it’s his time to shine.

See Albion With a Different Perspective

First i have to say congrats to developers of this very interesting game concept. I have followed Albions progression for a while and it definetly looks like a game i want to play and i also surely will. Still some things concerns me little a bit, so here comes few notifications i have made and these are based on my own opinion. Some of these things are surely posted before, but i hope theres something new also.

1. PvP and PvE. Now this game feels like much more PvP oriented. It is a good thing to remember that there is three types of players. Those who like only PvP, those who like only PvE and those who like them both combined Albion Online Silver. So it is important to please them all if you want to keep as many players as possible with the game. So my concern is PvE players, because their world seems to be quite limited. Also lack of later game content is something that is really in peoples minds. So what i am saying is that some of the people will stop playing at the point when they are forced to go PvP areas (and this comes pretty quickly). Also full PvP loot is a very scary thing which can fear players to use their best gear. I like both PvP and PvE so this is not a whine, i just try to be as objective as possible. Surely that full PvP loot scares me a little bit. 😉 But if this all is developers awere choise, i think we just have to respect that.

See Albion With a Different Perspective

2. Making things difficult to players. This is something game developers need really to think through. It is nice to have ideas about seperate banks and making traveling harder, just doing so to make it more realistic. Now think this about players point of view. Making players life in game hard makes them also frustrated and somepoint they might quit playing and you (developers) dont want that. Players dont want to use hours just to just travel, no they want to play. I dont say you have to make everything easy, but when i watched a video where player runs 4 hours to get his island from city, it just makes no sense. Players have also a real life (most of them), so they dont have time to waste things like that. So making players gaming experience frustrated makes them surely quit.

3. Something new. Albion have lots of great own ideas and you have found a way to combine great things from different games. Still theres some totally wear out things, specially in mage skills. Fire, frost and albion online gold for sale. Come on! Straight from WoW and surely from somewhere else too. I have wondered why always have to use those same elements. Theres also water, air and earth to use or just think something new or less used.

I tried to be as objective as i could and give some notifications from players point of view. Some people agree with me, but surely there are people who dont, but i think thats the idea of suggestions..

Blade & Soul (KR): New Class Skills and Balances

Blade & Soul (KR): New Class Skills and Balances

The Korean Version of Bade & Soul will soon recieve an update that balances and nerfs certain classes. To some these updates to the skills will be a good thing and to others they will think their class is still broken and needs to be fixed. They are also adding a couple new skills per class. What do you think about these upcoming updates?~

New Skills













Blade & Soul User Interface Guide

Status Bars
At the top left of the UI, we can see the status bars of your character. The red bar is your health bar, indicating how much damage your character can sustain before having to recover. The bar below your health is your resource, or “fuel,” meter. Your character wouldn’t be able to perform any special abilities without this meter. The green bar is your Qing Gong meter, one of Blade & Soul’s unique traveling systems. This green bar will slowly drain until depleted while using this system. Once the meter is completely exhausted, you will be forced out of Qing Gong and have to wait a bit for the meter to recover.

Party Unit Frames
To the far left under the status bars, you can find the party unit frames. These frames show which number each party member is, who the party leader is, their health in the form of a blue bar, their name, and their level. By right clicking on a specific party member, you’ll be open to several options such as group looting options, trading, removing that party member if you are the party leader, whispering, and more.

Action Bars
In the bottom center and a bit to the right, you can see the action and consumable hotkey bars. These bars have default key-bindings which allow you to use your character’s abilities. The “F” key, while also being a host to abilities for the various classes, also acts as a standard “action” button that allows you to use objects in the game, pick up objects and bodies, and loot corpses. Some buttons will change based on your target’s status, whether they are on the ground, stunned, or in the air. Some also change depending on if you executed a successful block or not. Ability key-binds are as follows: Tab, 1-4, R, F, Z, X, C and V. For classes such as the Blade Master, Kung-Fu Master, and Destroyer, your “R” key abilities are your standard attacks and are used to generate resource points, allowing you to use your special abilities found on other hot-keys. The consumable section at the bottom right consisting of numbers 5-8 allow you to drag items like food or potions and use them from said hot-key, allowing for quicker and more efficient accessibility during combat.


Chat Box
At the bottom left of the screen, you’ll notice the chat box. Here you can see general chat, party chat, whispers, guild chat, system messages, and so on. The color codes for these texts should seem familiar to any MMORPG player. White is ordinary speak, blue is party chat, green is guild chat, tan is general chat, and so on. Wish to filter out some channels to remove some clutter? You can do that! You can even create entirely new tabs with custom filters to keep your chatting experience as organized as possible. Another great feature in Blade & Soul’s chat box is the ability to link various items to other players.

Minimap & Map
To the top right of the screen you’ll find a standard mini-map. The mini-map displays a wide array of information for the user to take advantage of. The top left section of the mini-map will display the name of the area you are currently in. To the right of this, you can find the current zone channel that you are in. This number will vary depending on how many people are in the zone overall across all channels. Much like Aion, NCsoft’s most recent MMORPG title, you can change to another zone channel willingly just by clicking on this indicator. From the screen shot above, you can see the buttons to the right of the channel indicator/changer on the mini-map and also what they do. One of those buttons include the teleportation feature, which can actually be used from any location by simply pressing that button. The only downside to this is that the teleport scrolls required for this feature are somewhat expensive, at least for a low level character. You can also use the “M” hot-key to view the full-sized map and the “N” hot-key to make the maps transparent by removing terrain.

Quest Tracker
Below the mini map you have the quest tracking system. You can use this tool to track the quests you are currently working on. Yellow triangular arrows indicate storyline quests. These quests are directly related to the storyline in Blade & Soul and will typically lead to cut-scenes upon accepting or completing them. Blue triangular arrows indicate side quests. These are quests given to you along your travels that generally have no real impact on the main storyline. When these triangular arrows turn into a star, this indicates that you have completed said quest. We can also see the title of the quest in green text, and the quest objective in white text. When you accept a group quest, there will be a teal cylinder next to the title of the quest. Attempt these quests solo, and you shall meet your demise! If you wish, you can also close the quest tracker completely by clicking on the black button with two white arrows under the mini-map.

Experience Bar
Stretching across the bottom of the screen is the experience bar. Here, you can find how much experience you are required to earn before you will gain a level. Just above the experience bar in the far left corner of the screen, you will find your character’s name and current level. As you hover over the experience bar, you can see how much more experience is required to level and how much experience you have gained in total.

Social Tab Buttons
To the left of the main action bar is the social tab. Here, you will find various in-game social functions, including a button to view mail, latest news, your friend list, the auction house, and even a calendar. We can’t get into details with these features as they were disabled for CBT1.

Character Tab Buttons
On the opposite side of the screen in the far right corner, you will find the various character tabs. Here, there are buttons to view your character profile, giving you access to your character’s stats, equipment, and accessories. There is also a button to view your quest log, your skill book containing all of your spells and abilities, your inventory, and a button for training. At level 15, this button will be used to access what we commonly refer to as your “talent tree.” The inventory feature in Blade & Soul is quite convenient. It allows you to filter items in your bags based on item quality. Finally, there is also a button to access the game menu which hosts a variety of options ranging from video, audio, key-bindings, and just simply logging out.

Blade and Soul: A day in the life of Endgame grind

Focus and purpose are hard things to do in a game. You’re supposed to be having fun. So when it comes to end game in any game. It goes without saying usually it’s not fun. I just put together a few things I do. Some of it is tedious at first, but if you do it faithfully. It has long term lasting effects on your level of enjoyment.